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Crowned with Loving Kindness

Blog Post
February 12, 2021

Are there days that you feel lonely and insignificant? Let me remind you that you are loved deeply and knowingly by our dear Lord. Did you know He has crowned us with love? Psalm 103:4, “(He) crowns you with lovingkindness.”

This means we can walk with confidence knowing He has cast out our fear. We can also know that He is with us and is our constant companion and friend. He also has given us a purpose, gracing us with honor and His glory to shine, giving to the dark and hurting world around us. He has placed His priceless love and compassion on us.

Here's more detail about the most incredible love we can ever know, God’s love.

I Cor 13:4-8:

Love is patient even when we are PMS, pregnant, or menopausal. Thank the Lord He sticks with us even on our down days. Does He leave us when we aren’t worshipping Him enough? Or serving Him enough? No way! He is patient in all the things we go through. He is so constant in his love even when we were totally loveless toward Him.

Love is kind even when we are grumpy and rude. Love finds ways to bless and help us. He is gentle and kind with us always. Look around at how He brings little kindness to you through nice friends, provision, sunshine and chocolate… J

Love is never competitive or envious.  He is secure and has no need to play the games sometimes people play with each other. He lifts you up and encourages you purely out of his desire to bless you.

Love does not parade itself. He is quiet in His love. This is better than someone who goes around broadcasting his affections but turns on a dime when he grows tired of his lover. There is nothing wrong with FB proclamations, but the sweetest times are private and quiet. 

Love is not puffed up- He is real and you can trust His love. He is not arrogantly boasting about what He’s going to do. He has already proven His love for you.

Love does not behave rudely – He never embarrasses you. He never rudely insults you even as ‘a joke’.

Love does not seek its’ own – He’s always thinking of you and not Himself. He is complete and secure and gives rather than takes. He blesses and doesn’t suck the life out of you.   

Love is not provoked – He, in His love, never gets mad at you. Even when you aren’t behaving lovely, He is forgiving and even tempered. When you’re mad it doesn’t set Him off. He is gentle and patient.

Love thinks no evil- He thinks the best of you even when you say stupid things that most people would take the wrong way. He thinks of you with all your potential and promise in mind and not negatively.

Love does not rejoice in iniquity but rejoices with the truth– He in His love enjoys the good things, the pure and wholesome things in life. He doesn’t like things of darkness that ultimately take us away from Him. He doesn’t laugh at dirty jokes and He takes no pleasure in our secret sins. He loves when we can share in the joy that He desires, things in life that are lovely and true.

Bears, believes, hopes and endures all things – He in His love bears with us when we are un-bear-ably bear like. He believes even when we give up on His promises for us. He hopes for us when we are hopeless. He endures all that life throws at us and we can hold onto Him through it all. We are not alone. He is with us through the worst of it.

Love never fails- He will never fail us. We can trust that He is in control and has us in His loving hands every single second of every day.

The truth is He loves us! I want that to sink in and for you to live in that fact. He loves us more than we know and can ever know. We can rest in Him and the righteousness He has provided because of His love.

May you know His love today and worship Him. 

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