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The Wardrobe of Inner Beauty Workbook

The Wardrobe of Inner Beauty Workbook

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What is beauty anyway? Visual perfection? Sensual attraction? Or is it something deeper than the surface?


In The Wardrobe of Inner Beauty Workbook, Bible teacher and former model Bonnie Foxley, helps readers discover the many pieces of clothing God has fashioned for them to be truly beautiful from the inside out.


She explains what it looks like to be clothed with compassion, kindness, praise and other virtues, showing these qualities in the life of Jesus and then applying them to our own lives. From formal wear to everyday attire, God’s complete wardrobe for beauty includes accessories and make-up!


Designed for group or individual study, for women of all ages; teens and up, singles or marrieds, and for all stages of life, this 10-week study tackles subjects common to all. The soul-searching, question and answer format points to helpful truths from God’s Word. Learn about God’s purpose for your life, how to overcome insecurity, and how to make a difference in the world around you. The Wardrobe of Inner Beauty Workbook offers practical ways to shine your unique beauty and learn more about God’s love.


Get ready for an inner beauty make-over!

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